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Why Pumpkin Seeds Make For A Perfect Keto Snack

Why Pumpkin Seeds Make For A Perfect Keto Snack

Eating the right food matters a lot when it comes to the ketogenic diet. The main focus is on consuming maximum fat, a moderate amount of proteins and minimal essential carbohydrates. While people immediately look for wholesome options, some tend to ignore nuts and seeds and the important role they play in the keto diet.

Small yet filled with the essential nutrients that are needed to balance out the keto meal plan. The many nuts and seeds make for the perfect snack to fill the mid-morning and evening hunger pangs and cravings. Of the many seeds that can be part of the keto diet, pumpkin seeds are considered a smart addition to it and we’ll tell you why below.

A little about pumpkin seeds first

Pumpkin seeds or pepitas, as they are otherwise called, are packed with amino acids, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. When bought as a packet, pumpkin seeds are without the white outer shells oval, flat and green.  

Pumpkin seeds are considered vegan as they are gluten-free. They make an excellent snack to people following the ketogenic diet.

Pumpkin seed oil is good too

Other than the seed form, oil extraction is another important way to get the goodness of pumpkin seeds. The seeds have high oil content that the pumpkin seed oil that is derived from it comes with a strong flavour. This oil can be used as a salad dressing and for non-vegetarians, over meats as well.

They have always been somewhat undervalued. Most of us use up the pumpkin that we buy and discard the nutritional powerhouse that is the tiny seeds of the pumpkin. There is a lot more to pumpkin seeds than that meets the eye. 

The goodness it has to offer nutritionally

The pumpkin seeds have a good quantity of antioxidants, phytosterols and a considerable amount of vitamins A, B2 (riboflavin), E, K, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium.

As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database, one-fourth cup of pumpkin seeds contains the following nutritional value:



Total Carbohydrates

Dietary fibre

Net Carbs

6.15 grams

1.35 grams

4.8 grams


Saturated Fat

Monounsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated Fats

15.83 grams

3 grams

4.78 grams

7.2 grams


8.48 grams

Vitamin K

17.7 micrograms


4.14 milligrams


184.5 milligrams


2.575 milligrams


1.05 milligrams

Ten reasons why and how pumpkin seeds are good for the body

While pumpkin seeds give us so many benefits health-wise, the following are the top ten advantages that we can look forward to after adding them to our meal plan:


  • Ensures a good night sleep – The abundance of tryptophan present in pumpkin seeds is a form of amino acid which eventually converts to serotonin and later to melatonin, popularly known as the sleep hormone. It is recommended to eat pumpkin seeds a few hours before bedtime to ensure a sound and restful sleep.
  • Filled with anti-microbial propertiesStudies show that pumpkin seeds contain lignans that have the properties to be antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-helminthic. 
  • Reduces and fights cancers – Pumpkin seeds have antioxidants that stop radicals from causing oxidative stress, which is key to the development of certain cancers. The residues from pumpkin seeds are said to be toxic to some forms of cancers. Research declares that when a person’s diet has a good amount of pumpkin seeds daily then there is reduced risk of them developing breast, lung, stomach, prostate and colon cancers.
  • Improves heart health – Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium which is considered as an important mineral to prevent heart attack, stroke and heart dysrhythmia.
  • Lowers cholesterolResearch states that pumpkin seeds have the characteristics to lower cholesterol. The antioxidants and fibre in pumpkin seeds help reduce cholesterol in the body. 
  • Reduces blood sugar levelsStudies have found that people were 33-34% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes if they had food with a good amount of magnesium content. Pumpkin seeds have an abundance of dietary magnesium in them and consuming them on a regular basis reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Fights inflammation – Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory compound called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that combats oxidative stress and radical growth.
  • Improves bone health – The magnesium content in pumpkin seeds plays an important role in bone formation and maintenance. This improves the overall bone density and health. Women who have pumpkin seeds regularly can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis after menopause.
  • Aids weight loss and digestion – The good amount of fibre in pumpkin seeds enhances the digestive system functioning and helps maintain a healthy weight by reducing cravings and unhealthy binges.
  • Protects the skin – Pumpkin seeds have squalene, which is a compound very similar in nature to beta-carotene. This squalene plays a part in protecting us during UV rays exposure. The high amount of antioxidants in the seeds also helps combat premature ageing.


Other than the above, there are research and studies which show that pumpkin seeds have their advantages for pregnant women; men with fertility or reproductive issues; people with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition where the prostate gland swells up; people with overactive bladders; people combining intermittent fasting with keto and even children.

Keep them right to extend their shelf life

Pumpkin seeds are one of the easily available keto-friendly seeds. They are not that expensive either. When it comes to buying pumpkin seeds, be it from the supermarket or online, keep in mind to choose organic seeds that are raw or slightly roasted. Make sure there are no unnecessary preservatives or sweeteners or oil added to it.

Once you buy them, ensure the seeds are stored in an airtight container where moisture can’t enter. Raw pumpkin seeds should be kept in the freezer or the refrigerator so that the seeds don’t go rancid. Roasted pumpkin seeds can be kept in a cool and dry place at room temperature.

Ways to make your meals interesting with pumpkin seeds

Seeds and nuts are one of the most popular snacks in the healthy eating community and amongst keto followers for good reason. These foods are versatile, easy to carry and deliver immense health benefits. Pumpkin seeds are no exception.

Below are a few ways to add pumpkin seeds to your diet:

  • Simple and easy, roast pumpkin seeds along with a dash of salt and pepper and have it as a snack
  • Sprinkle and add them in your salads (be it vegetables or fruits), soups, cereals, oatmeal, stir-fry or cooked vegetables, tacos, smoothies, Greek yoghurt, etc.
  • Pumpkin seeds can be an easy substitute to sunflower seeds when making granola
  • You can also grind pumpkin seeds as flour and use that
  • Raw pumpkin seeds can be ground to make pumpkin seed butter which is similar to peanut butter
  • Pumpkin seeds can also be ground along with necessary ingredients to make a dip
  • It can be used in baking sweet or savoury loaves of bread and cakes

If you are interested in knowing more ways to add pumpkin seeds to your keto diet then you can check out more creative recipes that are available online.

The final takeaway 

Pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious and protect us from various health issues. When they are consumed in the right way and the right quantities, the benefits that keto followers can get is immense. As mentioned earlier, pumpkin seeds are the tiny nutritional powerhouses we need to make the keto diet crunchier. 

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