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Flax Seeds: The Keto Superfood

Flax Seeds: The Keto Superfood

Nuts and seeds are always approved in many forms of diets, especially the ketogenic diet.

They are high in fat and low in fibre, the perfect combo for the keto diet. They are also nutritional powerhouses with a good part of vitamins, minerals and most importantly, antioxidants.

One such super-seed or superfood that is an integral part of the keto diet is flax seeds.

In this article we will learn more about flax seeds, how to add them to your diet and its incredible health benefits.

What are flax seeds?

Flaxseeds or flax also called linseeds or Linum usitatissimum, are procured from the flax plant which is now cultivated all over the world. Multiple varieties of the teardrop-shaped seed are produced by the farmers. The most common ones that are used by all are brown, golden and yellow.

The outer husk of flax seeds has indigestible fibre. So, flax seeds should be roasted first to remove the outer husk before consumption. 

Otherwise, they can be cold-pressed to obtain flaxseed oil.


Flax seeds were initially used to make textiles as they were woven into linen. Later, people realised its nutritional value and it is now produced mainly for consumption purposes. 

You can mostly find them in store-bought multigrain bread, nutritious energy bars, nut butter, etc.

Nutritional value of flax seeds

High in fibre and fat and low in carbohydrates, flax seeds are 40%fat, 30% fibre and 20% protein. The nutritional value of one tablespoon of ground flax seeds (7 grams) is listed below:


37 Calories


1.3 grams


2 grams


1.9 grams

Total fat

3 grams

Omega-3 fatty acids

1,597 mg


6 mg


18 mg


27 mg


45 mg


57 mg


Flax seeds mostly consist of omega-3 fatty acids along with small portions of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These omega acids, known as essential fatty acids, are an indispensable part of cell membranes. They have to be obtained from outside sources as the human body can’t produce them. 

Other than that, flax seeds are also a rich source of several nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, thiamine and copper.

Flax seeds also have lignans, a plant compound associated with fibre, and found in many plant families and common foods. These lignans have hormone regulating properties and act as good antioxidants.

Health benefits of flax seeds

When it comes to the keto diet, flax seeds have a plethora of health benefits to offer for its takers, some of which are mentioned below: 

  • Controls inflammation More than 50% of the fat in flax seeds is derived from the omega-3 fatty acids which play an important part in controlling inflammation.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels Regular intake of flax seeds helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, technically called low-density lipoproteins (LDL).
  • Reduces diabetes riskThe average blood sugar measure is important for diabetes patients and the lignans present in flax seeds improve those levels. As a result, people tend to have lower insulin levels and blood glucose.
  • Relief from digestive issues Flax seeds consist of both soluble and insoluble fibres that join forces to help maintain a good digestive system. The insoluble fibre stimulates the digestive system and encourages bowel regularity, whereas the soluble fibre softens our stool which is passed out effortlessly. This fibre in the right amount will ensure that you don’t face issues or pain related to digestion and other problems such as constipation.
  • Aids in weight loss It is well known that consumption of fibre makes us feel full quickly, which will, in turn, leads us to take a reduced quantity of foods. The very high fibre content in flax seeds gives the satiety feeling and control over our appetite thereby having a watch on what we eat as well.
  • Effective in the treatment of cancers It has been proven that flax seeds, which have abundant lignans in them, have anticancer compounds which will be safe and effective for people with breast cancer. Additionally, it also prevents the growth of tumours in prostate and colon cancers.
  • Lowers blood pressure (BP) There are studies to prove that flax seeds are helpful for people with high blood pressure and have a natural ability to calm us and lower blood pressure. 
  • Maintenance of good cardiovascular health The good fats that are found in flax seeds aid in averting the hardening of any arteries, preventing stroke and other related heart diseases. 
  • Healthy and supple skin Once the consumption of flax seeds becomes habitual then gradually you can notice that your skin will be well-hydrated, soft and supple. 
  • Overall healthier body You can have overall good health thanks to the nutritional content in flax seeds that also indirectly aid in improving our immune system and possessing good gut health.


Even though flax seeds have multiple health benefits, it is generally advised that pregnant women and nursing mothers avoid taking flax seeds.

Why are flax seeds good for keto?

Flax seeds are beneficial for people on a low-carb diet, especially a keto diet. It helps meet the daily need of omega-3 fatty acid. Additionally, flax seeds have a high fibre content that will help in the weight loss journey which is the main goal for most on a keto diet. 

A 2017 study also proves that complementing our everyday diet with whole flax seeds lead to reduced waist circumference, overall body weight as well as our body mass index (BMI). This shows us that flax seeds have a positive effect on overweight or obese people who wish to shed a few kilos.

Storing flax seeds

The first thing to understand about flax seeds is their storage. They should always be stored in a cool and dark place. It is also good to ground the flax seeds and store it in the freezer to make it last longer.

How to eat flax seeds in a keto diet?

Now when it comes to consuming the versatile flax seeds, its super nutty flavour makes it a perfect addition to many foods. Though you’ll fall in love with the seed and its benefits, just remember moderation is the key factor. It is advisable to consume less than 5 tablespoons or 50 grams of flax seeds per day. 

If you are a fan of baking then ensure to incorporate them into your loaves of bread, cakes, scones and even cheesecakes. You can also ground them and add it to cookies, muffins and brownies. 

People who don’t consume eggs can use flax seeds as a substitute while baking. It is all about replacing one egg with three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of flax seeds. Voila! You will get the same fluffiness that an egg adds to the recipe except now with flax seeds.

Flax seeds can be also be added or sprinkled as part of the dressing to your: 

  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal
  • Salads
  • Yoghurt
  • Pancakes and Waffles
  • Soups
  • Breakfast bowls
  • Any other foods you like the nutty flavour in as part of the keto diet

If you want to keep it simple then, add flax seeds to water and drink it to add on to your fluid intake for the day.

There are many keto recipes with flax seeds that are available online which you can check out and give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Based on various researches, flax seeds are proven to have multiple health benefits. They are an excellent value addition to the keto diet and deserve being termed as a superfood. Its nutritional value helps in maintaining the state of ketosis.

So, next time you do your keto shopping, be it online or offline, be sure to add packs of flax seeds to your shopping carts.

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